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Who we are...

The Research Consulting Group at the Center for Health Research (CHR) was established in 1990 to provide research and evaluation services for clinical, public health, and community-based entities at the University and in the local and global community. Since its inception, the Research Consulting Group (CHR-RCG) has completed more than 1,300 local, national, and international health research projects ranging from small pilot projects to serving as the coordinating center for large, federally-funded research projects.  The CHR-RCG  provides expert assistance in all aspects of health research (biostatistics, epidemiology, health geo-informatics, program evaluation).  CHR-RCG personnel include senior research faculty from the School of Public Health, a full time RCG Coordinator and senior analyst, and a staff of experienced research analysts.


Contacting us early in your in the conceptualization of your research study, evaluation, proposal, can greatly enhance our capacity to help your organization achieve high impact research outcomes.  Come see us in our office at 24951 N. Circle Dr. Nichol Hall 1403, Loma Linda, CA 92350.

What we do...

The scope of our consulting work is global, national, and in our local community. Major recent consulting projects include:

  • Serving as the LLUH data coordinating and health geo-informatics support services center for the San Bernardino County federal contract on the NIH-funded National Children’s Study,
  • Serving as the data coordinating center for a state-funded Perinatal Telemedicine grant for pre- and perinatal follow-up of women in San Bernardino County
  • Serving as the coordinating center for an NIH-funded Research and Capacity building grant to work with Ministries of Health in SE Asia to create lifestyles surveys of tobacco and diet
  • Providing program evaluation of a USAID funded project for adolescent HIV prevention in Kenya and Tanzania where the deliverable included writing a scientific paper
  • Serving as the data coordinating center for the transdisciplinary Phentermine Weight Loss trial by LLUH entities (Pharmacy, Medicine, Behavioral, Public Health)
  • Providing analytics and reporting for the LLUH Employee Wellness survey